Land invaders clash with cops at Walvis

02 Apr 2016 16:10pm
WALVIS BAY, 02 APR (NAMPA) - An angry mob of land grabbers clashed with the police at the Tutaleni Police Station here Saturday afternoon, throwing stones at the officers and breaking property at the station.
Police operations at the station were halted during the incident
“I cannot speak to you right now, one of the stones might hit me. The civilians are throwing stones left, right and centre,” Crime Investigations Coordinator for the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Erongo Region, Ottilie Kashuupulwa said to Nampa.
The attack allegedly came after one of the land grabbers slapped a NamPol member while officers were trying to evict them from land they had illegally settled on at the Tutaleni settlement.
After the police arrested the man for assault, the rest of the group followed the van to the station and started their attack.
Blood was spilled as officers and the land grabbers went at each other.
It is not yet clear how serious the injuries are and how many more people have been arrested.
The residents were evicted from a piece of land behind the Walvis Bay Rural Constituency office on Friday. They then decided to erect their shacks close to the main road leading to Swakopmund.
Nampa understands that a mass land grab took place on Friday as more and more residents joined those who were evicted.