DTA holds workshop for councillors

02 Apr 2016 12:40pm
WINDHOEK, 02 APR (NAMPA) - A workshop for newly elected DTA of Namibia local authority and regional council started here on Friday.
The three-day workshop on the roles and responsibilities of councillors in the local and regional authorities is taking place at a conference centre on the outskirts of Windhoek.
It is being attended by 41 DTA local authority councillors and two regional authority councillors from all over the country.
They were elected during the 2015 national elections.
Speaking during the opening of the workshop, DTA president McHenry Venaani said there is nothing worse than a leader who uses people to get into office and then forgets about them, only to think of them again when the next round of elections come around.
“It’s a situation I will not allow under my watch. You shall not be a DTA councillor who does not engage DTA structures on the ground. You shall not be a leader who leads without people and you must have committees on the ground,” Venaani said.
He further urged the councillors to hold community meetings, saying they should not only be representatives of the DTA, as it is the people of Namibia who have entrusted the councillors with the responsibility to lead them.
Venaani further stated that the DTA will not tolerate any corruption in the governance of municipalities and said if any of the party’s members were to be involved in any questionable deals at municipal level, the party will not protect that individual and they would have to vacate their position.
“For so long we have been seeing an erosion of governance at municipal level. At nearly all Swapo town councils we are hearing about the rich getting land at cheap prices and deals given to the powerful, and that should not happen under our watch,” he said.
Also speaking during the workshop was acting DTA Secretary-General Elma Dienda, who said the workshop to train the councillors will be held at least three times a year.