Evicted Walvis landless to camp at councillor’s office

31 Mar 2016 19:10pm
WALVIS BAY, 31 MAR (NAMPA) – Some of the landless and illegal residents evicted from land in Walvis Bay’s Tutaleni settlement by police say they will camp in front of the Walvis Bay Rural Constituency office as they have nowhere to go.
The eviction of about 100 adults and children started Monday on a plot opposite !Nara Primary School and continued until Wednesday. Some took their shacks to family and friend’s houses, while others are still on the land and decided they will camp at the said office.
They are being evicted as they illegally settled on the land earmarked for the construction of the Tutaleni Police Station in the Erongo Region.
The land belongs to the Ministry of Works and Transport.
One of the illegal residents, Hendrina Hangula, 42 told Nampa she took her belongings out of the shack not to go anywhere, but to sleep with her children against the constituency office wall.
She is a single and unemployed mother who survives and feeds her seven children by selling kapana.
“We have nowhere to go. I came here thinking the land belongs to the councillor but it turned out I was wrong. So we will sleep against his office’s wall until we get land to put our shack up.”
She said they could no longer return to a relative’s house in Kuisebmund where they stayed a year ago because there is no space for their shack.
The illegal residents started settling on the land in December 2015.
Hangula said even if she does not have enough money to feed them, she has children as they are her only family.
The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) battled evicting the illegal residents for three days by threatening to arrest them, but nobody has been arrested so far.
Some were loaded into a police van on Wednesday as they refused to dismantle their shacks, but were not taken anywhere.
NamPol Police Regional Commander Commissioner Andreas Nelumbu told Nampa Thursday there were no arrests as the land grabbers were just instructed to remove their structures.
“We do not want the situation to come to a point where they will be forced to move or the police to demolish their houses. So we hope they cooperate and just leave,” Nelumbu said.
Walvis Bay Mayor Immanuel Wilfred said earlier this week that Walvis Rural Constituency Councillor John Nangolo must intervene in the matter as the residents are in his constituency and are just behind his office.
Wilfred also referred this news agency to the town’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Muronga Haingura, who did not respond to calls and texts messages sent to his mobile phone for three days.
Nangolo said his hands are tied as he does not have land for them, adding that in this case, it is the municipality that should assist the people if they have any land.
“I have forwarded a letter to the municipality on this matter already so I hope we will get answers soon.”
He sympathised with the landless saying he will speak to the municipality to see if they can be assisted.
Nampa understands municipality councillors are expected to meet with Nangolo to possibly discuss the matter.