Divundu Local Authority office to be completed next month

31 Mar 2016 14:40pm
RUNDU, 31 MAR (NAMPA) - The construction of the Divundu Local Authority (LA) office is set to be completed by the end of April this year.
Kavango East Regional Council Senior Public Relations Officer (PRO) Olavi Haikera confirmed this to Nampa on Wednesday.
Divundu was proclaimed and gazetted by Government as a village council on 30 April 2015.
It is governed by a village council consisting of five councillors.
Haikera said the construction of the office will increase the participation of the region's population in their development, thereby bringing Government closer to its people.
He indicated that there was a delay in the completion of the office as there was a problem with getting building material on site.
“But this is a general problem everywhere, getting material delivered on time,” he said.
Another delay was the heavy rains the region received between January and March.
The office is being constructed at a cost of N.dollars 9.3 million. It is situated adjacent to the Divundu Constituency Office.
The building consists of 17 offices, which include an office each for the chief executive officer (CEO), mayor, secretary, and a boardroom.
A local company called 'Home Doctor' was contracted to construct the building, and close to 30 local people were employed during construction.
Meanwhile, Haikera noted that the vacant CEO position for the Divundu Village Council has been advertised, and interviews will be conducted soon.
Currently, Control Administrative Officer of the former Divundu Settlement, Frans Kaundu is acting CEO.