N.dollars 18 million maternity ward ready for use at Opuwo

12 Sep 2013 05:20
OPUWO, 12 SEP (NAMPA) – The Ambassador of Spain to Namibia, Carmen Diez Orejas expressed delight about the quality and speed in which the Opuwo District Hospital’s maternity ward was completed.
Speaking during her inspection visit to the facility financed by the Spanish Government at a cost of N.dollars 18 million on Wednesday, Orejas said she wants the women of the Kunene Region to start using this facility as soon as possible.
The matron of the Opuwo District Hospital, Lisias Ashivudhi informed Orejas, who was accompanied by Kunene Regional Governor Josua //Hoebeb that as soon as everything is ready, they will move the mothers and new babies into the new building because they are not safe where they are at present.
“The newborn babies are currently exposed to all kinds of diseases on their first days, given the fact that they share wards with adult female patients, who might have different types of diseases,” explained the matron.
Ashivudhi further stated that only two nurses are currently running the female wards at the Opuwo District Hospital in shifts due to the scarcity of nurses.
A date for the inauguration of the facility will be set as soon as the new maternity ward is fully-equipped, and extra staff had been employed.
The modern maternity ward consists of two delivery rooms and six admission wards, which include two private wards for patients under the care of private doctors.
The 28-bed ward has a nursery, baby-feeding room, milk kitchen and ordinary kitchen, high-care ward, preparation room, treatment room, two storerooms and an HIV/AIDS counselling and testing room.
The facility was completed in a record time of one year. Construction started in July 2012, and ended in August this year.