Rundu man lifts 210-litre drum with his teeth

12 Sep 2013 04:40
By Olavi Haikera
RUNDU, 12 SEP (NAMPA) - A 32-year-old Rundu man can lift a car’s gearbox or an empty 210-litre drum with his teeth.
Mukuve Makayi, a resident of the Ndama informal settlement on the outskirts of Rundu, can lift such heavy things with his pearly whites, which ordinary people might find difficult to even pick up with their arms.
He can also raise a 4x4 vehicle tyre rim, which weights about 10kg , in the same manner.
After witnessing Makayi lifting the empty 210L drum well above his head on Thursday, this reporter jokingly asked him if he has magical powers.
He replied that he really just bites the drum or item firmly with his teeth, and then lifts it.
To boast a bit more with his prowess, Makayi even walks and dances around with the empty drum firmly in his teeth.
He ‘mastered’ the stunt after practicing for over six years.
It started while working in a local motor-vehicle repair garage at Rundu, where he was often required to lift heavy vehicle parts alone.
Makayi said one day, he suddenly decided to lift a 4x 4 vehicle rim with his teeth, but then it fell down.
He tried again and again, and soon conquered that skill. He then graduated to lifting empty drums and a gearbox, which weighed about 40kg.
Makayi, who is unemployed with four children and a wife, has now transformed his talent into an income-generating activity, where curious residents and visitors pay him N.dollars 30 to lift a 210L drum, and N.dollars 300 to lift a gearbox.
He is gaining popularity by the day at this north-eastern town as local musicians also often hire him to perform at their shows.
Makayi recently astonished people at the ‘Miss Kavango’ beauty pageant when he lifted the 210 litres drum filled with 5 litres of water, and then walked and danced around on stage.
“Some people find this hard to believe and say it is witchcraft, but I have just been practicing the skill for years,” he said matter-of-factly.
He also performs at local accommodation establishments for guests, and even performed in the Calai area of Angola during that country’s Independence Day celebrations earlier this year.
Makayi, who refers to his ability as a gift from God, told Nampa that he is looking forward to perform at the forthcoming Kavango Trade Fair, set to be held in two months’ time at Rundu.