Ministry takes note of Chief Kambazembi's suspension

30 Mar 2016 14:40pm
OTJIWARONGO, 30 MAR (NAMPA) - The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development has taken note of the suspension of Chief Sam Kambazembi of the Kambazembi Traditional Authority.
The ministry has thus written letters to the Kambazembi Traditional Authority to acknowledge receipt of their concerns about their chief.
Four letters seen by Nampa carries signatures of Minister of Urban and Rural Development Sophia Shaningwa and two others from Permanent Secretary (PS) Nghidinua Daniel.
Shaningwa, in a second letter written to the elders of the Kambazembi Royal House on 18 March 2016, acknowledged receipt of a letter of their resolutions taken to suspend Chief Kambazembi from his traditional position.
“I have taken note of the suspension of Chief Sam Kambazembi from office. I have also taken note that the royal house has reported the matter of misconduct that involves the misappropriation of funds of the traditional authority,” said Shaningwa in the letter.
The Kambazembi Traditional Authority on 02 March 2016 opened a case at the Okakarara Police Station of fraud, alternatively theft of an unspecified amount of money of the Kambazembi Traditional Authority against their chief.
The missing money involves N.dollars 9 000 allocated to the authority as fuel subsidy from the line ministry.
It is alleged the three cheques of N.dollars 3 000 each were apparently collected by Chief Kambazembi himself during 2015, but he failed to deposit them into the bank account of the traditional authority as required.
Shaningwa wrote the first letter on 27 January 2016 to the Kambazembi Traditional Authority in which she explained that the removal of Chief Kambazembi from office is a prerogative of the members of the traditional community who are authorised by customary law to do so, and not her office.
She also assured the Kambazembi Traditional Authority that their request to reverse the appointment of eight traditional councillors appointed by Chief Kambazembi, will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken.
A letter signed by Daniel requested the authority to explain the reasons behind so many appointments of traditional councillors during the period July 2015 and October the same year.
On his part, Chairperson of the Kambazembi Traditional Authority Council, Vetondouua Maharero on Wednesday confirmed receipt of the letters from Shaningwa and Daniel’s offices.
He said the Kambazembi Royal Family at the beginning of March suspended and withdrew powers they vested in their traditional leader, Chief Kambazembi.
Maharero said the elders of Onguatjindu Clan could not tolerate the unbecoming behaviour and disrespect towards them by 'their son', Chief Kambazembi.
Maharero called for calm, adding the suspension of the chief will have no negative effects on the administration of the traditional matters.
However, Chief Kamabezembi told Nampa in a telephone interview on 29 February 2016 that he was still the chief of the Kambazembi Traditional Authority until his death.
He said a chief is not replaced; a chief dies and is then succeeded.
He succeeded his late brother Uaakutjo Kambazembi in 2014.