Rundu stadium lights welcome: Mbidi

29 Mar 2016 16:00pm
RUNDU, 29 MAR (NAMPA) – The president of the Namibia Football Association (NFA), Frans Mbidi says the Namibian Newspaper Cup that ended here on Monday left a permanent mark on the region.
Mbidi said this in reference to the floodlights put up at the Rundu Sport Stadium for the four-day newspaper cup competition.
The stadium is now equipped with four sets of 12 floodlights each, adequate for night games.
Government provided the lights and the Northern Electricity Distributor Company (Nored) erected them around the stadium.
Speaking during the welcoming gala dinner hosted by Governor Samuel Mbambo of the Kavango East Region here on Friday evening, Mbidi noted this means local players will now also be able to play at night.
“They have not been able to do so for the past 26 years,” the NFA president said.
Mbidi further described the newspaper cup as the country’s biggest competition in terms of the turnout of players, officials and fans.
Since the newspaper cup is a tournament, exclusively for under-20 year old players, he took cognisance of the need for a similar competition to be introduced for the development of girls’ football in Namibia.
“This is to ensure that nobody is left out,” he stated.
Sport Officer for the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Services in the region, Erastus Soneno in an interview with Nampa on Tuesday agreed it has been difficult for local premier league teams to have games at night because of the absence of lights at that stadium.
Although Soneno commended the newspaper cup for speeding up the erection of the lights, he indicated his ministry was already in the process of providing lights to the stadium.
He pointed out the ministry is also considering the placement of the lights on permanent poles from the wooden posts they are on now.
Also speaking at the same gala dinner, ministerial Director of Sport, Shivute Katamba said sport should be endorsed as a priority in the country by making it a mandatory subject in schools.
He believes sport has created job opportunities elsewhere in the world and Namibia should not be an exception.
The renovation of the Rundu Secondary School (SS) hostel, where the players of the competition were accommodated, is another benefit for the town.
Reports have it the school had been unable to renovate the hostel for some years now.