Unemployed teachers to be employed by 2014: Namwandi

11 Sep 2013 12:00
WINDHOEK, 11 SEP (NAMPA) - The Minister of Education, David Namwandi on Wednesday said his ministry will ensure that all qualified unemployed teachers in Namibia are employed by next year.
Speaking at a meeting with unemployed teachers in the capital, Namwandi said the ministry is ready to welcome back all retired teachers as well.
About 50 teachers showed up for the meeting held at Government Office Park.
Namwandi said Vision 2030 cannot be attained without teachers, and not with teachers “sitting at home”.
“We have about 1 700 schools in Namibia and about 7 000 learners who need your advice. What are you doing at home?” he asked.
He added that his ministry does not want to encourage unemployment in the country, especially as there are qualified teachers available.
A retired teacher who asked not to be named asked the Education Ministry to ensure that there is adequate accommodation for teachers if they are sent out to the various regions.
The retired teacher also asked that when teachers are selected for the vacant posts their experience in the field should not play as big a role during the recruitment process as “no one was born with experience”.
“If the ministry looks into these issues I will come back to teaching because I am very passionate about this career,” she said.
Another retired teacher also raised a concern about alleged abuse of power by principals which apparently forces some teachers to resign.
Some of the teachers were also not happy about the fact that work sometimes separates them from their families as they have to accept positions in locations far from their families to gain employment.
Of those present at the meeting, 10 were not willing to be placed in jobs in remote locations and said they would prefer to stay close to their families, while 15 were willing to be placed anywhere in the country.
A retired teacher from the Zambezi Region said teachers’ happiness and safety should also be considered, and not just that of the learners because they are “not just there for money but because they are passionate about the career and want to invest in the knowledge to the learners”.
Not all of the teachers who attended the meeting were unemployed but consider themselves as not being employed as they are in temporary positions.
“I don't want to see any qualified teacher working as a temporary teacher,” Namwandi said.
The Education Minister said those who are qualified and who applied for the 2 000 vacant posts advertised by the ministry earlier this year, must consider themselves as already being employed already.