Sefety and Security budget allocations motivated in NA

23 Mar 2016 19:50pm
WINDHOEK, 23 MAR (NAMPA) – The Ministry of Safety and Security has identified eight programmes to which its N.dollars 5 134 568 000 portion of the national budget will be allocated.
Safety and Security Minister Charles Namoloh motivated the ministry’s budget in the National Assembly here on Tuesday.
The ministry received the fourth highest cut of the 2016/17 national budget after the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture that received N.dollars 12 794 882 000.
The Ministry of Health and Social Services received N.dollars 7 230 983 000 and Ministry of Defence was allocated an amount of N.dollars 6 600 539 000.
The budget allocations for the programmes under the ministry are as follows:
Combating of crime - N.dollars 3 471 320 000
VIP protection - N.dollars 432 106 000
Training and development - N.dollars 109 465 000
Forensic services - N.dollars 34 244 000
Coordination and support services - N.dollars 329 954 000
Safe custody and rehabilitation - N.dollars 640 123 000
Reintegration of offenders - N.dollars 11 292 000
Information and Communication Technology - N.dollars 106 064 000
Namoloh further noted that the allocation of sufficient financial and human resources to the ministry will contribute to the sustainability of democracy.
“It will enhance the competitiveness of our country in areas of economic development within the context of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), African continent and globally,” he said.
Giving an account of crime prevalence in Namibia, the safety and security minister said murder, theft, robbery, drug trafficking, cyber-crimes, domestic violence, rape and fraud remain crimes of concern, while intimate partner homicide is the main crime of concern.
“The onus is upon all of us to bring to an end the scourge of senseless killings of mothers, daughters, children and sisters by some men who turn themselves into killing machines of the innocent and vulnerable part of our population,” Namoloh said.
He also called for the passing of laws which will ban citizens from moving around with small weapons.