Police officer in love triangle fires shots

22 Mar 2016 13:30pm
GOBABIS, 22 MAR (NAMPA) – A destructive relationship involving three people led to the death of a school going teenager when he was shot dead in Gobabis on Tuesday morning.
He was allegedly found in bed with a woman.
The incident took place in the Canaan informal settlement on the outskirts of Gobabis.
Sources who spoke on condition of anonymity at the scene of the incident told Nampa the shooting occurred at roughly 05h25.
It is suspected that a Namibian Police (NamPol) officer, who was romantically involved with the woman arrived home on Tuesday and discovered the teenager in bed with his partner.
The police officer then allegedly proceeded to shoot the young man, which resulted in the death of the teen before shooting the woman in her thigh, according to the visibly shocked witnesses.
“They were very peaceful people according to the little we knew, but obviously what happens behind closed doors is difficult to determine.
“The man would see the woman and teenager together but I really do not know if he knew about their relationship or not,” said a witness who also preferred anonymity.
The woman is said to be receiving medical care in Gobabis.
The man who allegedly shot the woman then turned the firearm on himself, which resulted in severe injuries.
He was on Tuesday transferred to Windhoek for further medical attention, while the woman is reported to be in a stable condition at a Gobabis Hospital
No further details were available on the incident.
Deputy Commissioner Marcellus Maritshane confirmed the shooting incident to Nampa on Tuesday.
“The Police Officer is still alive and he is currently being transferred to Windhoek now, and he is a suspect and will be arrested and charged with murder. Fortunately the lady also survived,” said Maritshane.
Police investigations in the matter continue.