SBN plans 2mil project for Ongwediva

11 Sep 2013 08:00

Standard Bank Namibia (SBN) recently launched a ground-breaking ceremony to mark the official start of constructing its N$2m entrance gate for the Ongwediva Trade Fair Centre.
The ceremony, which took place at the just-ended Ongwediva Trade Fair, was officiated by the bank’s chief executive officer (CEO) Mpumzi Pupuma and governor of the Oshana Region, Clemens Kashuupulwa.
The envisaged state-of-the-art entrance gate’s idea was born from a proposal the trade fair’s organising committee had presented to SBN. The committee wanted to become a mutual partner in a major construction development of a second entrance gate along the northern boundary fence of the Ongwediva Trade Fair Centre.  
Pupuma says this development paves way for cementing the already-existent cordial relations the bank has with regional local authorities: “Standard Bank Namibia has been a proud sponsor of the Ongwediva Trade Fair for many years and this ground-breaking serves as an ideal platform to enhance business developments and trade fair activities in the town and region as a whole.”
He adds: “Standard Bank Namibia is committed to boosting socio-economic developments, which not only translate into job opportunities for the regional inhabitants but also give an opportunity for people to make a better living for themselves through business activities as it is here at the annual trade fair. In fact, this is our way of moving Namibians forward towards economic independence and development.”
The new gate will comprise two entrances; one for pedestrians and the other for vehicles. One of its distinct features will be the paved walkway from the gate all the way to the Ongwediva Trade Fair Centre. Additionally, the first of its kind taxi zone near the gate will be erected for public convenience.
Kashuupulwa says development of this nature brings a positive facelift to the image of the trade fair as this grand entrance will be the first visible premise for those who will walk and drive through it. “I would therefore like to express my sincere gratitude to Standard Bank Namibia for this noble gesture.”
This gate will be designed in such a way that it will consists of enclosed cashier structures where people will make their entrance payments, two ablution facilities, two lockable steel sliding gates, an overhead roof structure about five-meters high, pedestal gates and a separate public entrance. The facility shall accommodate two vehicles simultaneously passing through it.
Once constructed, the gate will be used throughout the year as one of the access and exit points to the premises and during all the events. Construction is expected to end during the first week of this December.