Planning a crucial pillar when requesting funding: Katamba

19 Mar 2016 13:00pm
By Kaipaherue Kandjii
WINDHOEK, 19 MARCH (NAMPA) – Sports administrators must interrogate and comprehend the funding system of the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service when planning events to avoid disappointments, the Director of Sport has warned.
Sivhute Katamba, in a telephonic interview with Nampa on Friday, said perceptions that Government has money 'lying around' and waiting to be used are ill-conceived, as the institution operates with a budget that has to be adhered to and respected.
“There are priorities and specific activities that we plan and avail funds for. Administrators have to understand that,” said Katamba
He noted the ministry has a limited budget of priorities that are pre-planned as per budgetary means.
“Government is not a bottomless pit where people make demands whenever it is deemed necessary because where will that money come from? Sometimes, you do not even know what to tell the person or to even look at them.
He urged sport leaders to be wary of planning and to avoid disappointments when their events are not eligible for funding.
“Most of our events are always last minute arrangements and Government has really tried to do best despite that, because we avail buses and funds but processes and procedures have to be followed,” he urged.
In addition, Chairperson of the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) Vetumbuavi Veii underscored the importance of planning, urging those involved to be more accommodative of each other and flexible.
“Planning is undoubtedly very important but the administrators also get invitations from international events at a short notice and it thus affects their planning as well.
“It is a matter of being flexible because events also take place in the middle of the year when the budget is already completed and that is what Government should be wary of as well,” he added.
Recently, sports administrators have complained about lack of funding, especially on the part of Government when preparing for international events.
They also said there is a lack of sport facilities, specialised trainers and training equipment for athletes, especially Paralympic athletes.
Katamba however noted the current sport facilities merely need a facelift in order to make them more accessible to accommodate athletes with disabilities.
“Paralympic athletes have really achieved so much but let us all come together and get involved. It should not be a Government thing alone.”