Fashion Council of Namibia aims to revive industry

18 Mar 2016 11:10am
WINDHOEK, 18 MAR (NAMPA)- The newly elected Fashion Council of Namibia Board of Directors will be focusing on knowledge, and developing a platform for networking during their term.
This was revealed at a media briefing in the capital on Thursday by the Fashion Council of Namibia Treasurer Taati Sibolile.
Seven Board members are elected on a yearly basis and can serve no longer than three years unless on special request.
The new Board of Directors elected in February this year are Melisa Poulton as Chairperson, Kalistu Mukorou as Vice-Chairperson, Lea Misika - Secretary, Taata Sibolile as Treasurer, Lafika Heita, Ingo Shinyenge and Andriano Visagie as ordinary members.
Sibolile said the fashion council’s theme for this year is ‘Rebirth’ and will be supported by several workshops until November, in efforts to share knowledge on fashion and the business side of the industry.
She said while fashion and design is about an individual’s creativity, the council is aiming to empower practitioners for them to run a business.
“You need the skills to be able to run your business because a great dress means nothing if it cannot be properly merchandised and sold.”
The workshops will cover a variety of skills from theoretical to practical, where people would be educated of the fashion calendar, marketing strategies, sale, production, distribution and putting together a business plan.
“As for platforms, we would like to announce that we will be having Fashion Week in October 2016. This is necessary because in our country, we tend to think fashion shows are entertainment when in actual fact, it is a promotional and selling platform.”
Sibolile noted that attendees of Namibian fashion shows do so on invitation only but it is necessary for the industry to expand and also welcome the media and buyers from outside the country.
“Even though the fashion week is in October, there are workshops leading to the fashion week that will assist potential participants in producing commercially viable products.”
In order to have it all happen, Siboline said there will be a monthly event for building a fashion culture in Namibia, networking and discussing issues in the Namibian fashion industry, while members of the general public will also be encouraged to support the industry.
“We are not just a council who pushes things but we want the input of the design industry as a whole.”
Events on the Fashion Council of Namibia calendar start in April with the Inaugural Mixer and workshops from the week of the 11th; dates and venues to be announced.