Sub standard services in Ondangwa by Namib Bou

March 17, 2016, 4:01 pm
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Ondangwa Town Council: 1.Is building houses at the expense of the communitys health , even the natural habitat is evidently visible. Dust from Henning Crushers will lead to health problems in near future - health inspector of Ondangwa where you not present at consulting table? 2.Why use contractors companies that resell houses at such ridiculously high prices. 3.Rather let us have our plots and financing via banks-we will still be creating employment. 4. Houses at Ext.17 build by Namibbou are in a flood prone area and an eyesore when it rains.Water in front of houses and these contractors don't even bother to provide a permanent solution. 5.Most / some staff of town council have more than one plot in town. ACC, come to the exploited residents rescue!