Omusati police need help in tracing dumped baby's mother

11 Sep 2013 05:50
OUTAPI, 11 SEP (NAMPA) – The police in the Omusati Region are searching for the mother of a newborn baby girl found abandoned at the Okando village in the Omusati Region last Monday.
Sergeant Heskiel Hamalwa of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) told Nampa on Tuesday a passerby discovered the baby in the bushes of the village situated in the Okalongo District.
The passerby heard a baby crying and upon further investigation, found her wrapped in clothes and dumped next to a bush, with a wash basin, umbrella and bottle of methylated spirits next to her.
According to Hamalwa, the baby was three to four days old when she was discovered.
The passerby reported the discovery to the police on the same day, whereafter the baby was taken to the Roman Catholic Hospital at Oshikuku for medical attention.
The police believe the baby’s mother had just given birth at a hospital, as an umbilical cord clamp was found attached to the baby’s bellybutton.
“However, police investigations confirmed that the baby was born in a government hospital elsewhere in the country and not at the Oshikuku Hospital, as no delivery record could be found there,” Hamalwa noted.
The hospital is now planning on leaving the baby in the care of the Ondangwa SOS Home.
“This will be done during the course of this week, because medical observation has confirmed that she is so far in good health,” Hamalwa pointed out.
It is expected of the Oshikuku Hospital authority to name and register the baby with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration before transferring her to the Ondangwa SOS Home in the Oshana Region.