I gave nothing in return for recognition: Kapika

16 Mar 2016 12:40pm
OMURAMBA, 16 MAR (NAMPA) – Chief of the Muniomuhoro Kapika Traditional Authority has rubbished allegations that he was only recognised by Government in his position as a token for joining the ruling Swapo Party.
Critics here have also raised the red flag concerning Kapika's official recognition by government, noting that such recognition also came due to Kapika's change of tune on the construction of the Baynes hydropower project.
Chief Hikuminue Kapika has been known for opposing the construction of the Baynes Hydropower project, but later made a U-turn and came out in support of the project, saying the construction will uplift the living conditions of people in the region, especially those of the Epupa constituency.
Kapika however told Nampa in an interview shortly after his official recognition ceremony at his home village of Omuramba last week Saturday that he had applied for recognition as per applicable procedures.
“I gave nothing in return for my recognition,” Kapika told this news agency.
He also dismissed reports that he will return to the DTA of Namibia as member after his official recognition by government.
“I won't do that as I am comfortable where I am at the moment,” he said.
Chief Tjinaani Maharero of the Tjamuaha Royal House officiated at the ceremony.
Maharero told this agency that he was part of the delegation appointed by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development to investigate whether Kapika qualifies to be officially recognised in his position by government.
“We had to find out whether Kapika has followers and an area of jurisdiction; which he does,” Maharero said.
Special advisor to the governor of the Kunene region, Katuutire Kaura said history has it that Kapika's father Muniomuhoro Kapika, after whom the traditional authority has been named, was one of the people who petitioned the United Nations with erstwhile Ovaherero leader, Hosea Kutako.
Both Kaura and Maharero told the newly recognised Kapika to lead his people without fear or favour, including those who opposed his recognition.
The event was attended by the special advisor to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development of traditional affairs, Philip Tjerije and the Minister of Mines and Energy, Obeth Kandjoze amongst others.
Omuramba village is situated north of Okangwati in the Epupa Constituency.