New buildings inaugurated at Rundu VTC

16 Mar 2016 10:10am
RUNDU, 16 MAR (NAMPA) - The Rundu Vocational Training Centre (RVTC) Monday officially inaugurated a new workshop, big kitchen and a multi-purpose hall.
All three buildings were constructed at a cost of N.dollars 35.9 million availed by the National Planning Commission (NPC).
Construction started on 18 March 2014 and was completed in early June 2015.
Speaking at the official inauguration of the three buildings, Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation Itah Kandjii-Murangi said she thinks there is no better investment individuals, parents and the nation at large can make than to invest in technical and vocational education of the highest possible quality.
“Technical and vocational education training in the modern world must be outward looking. It must not only teach the time-tested skills pertaining to the various traditional trades and occupations on offer.”
She said vocational training must harness communication and information technologies as essential parts of the technical and vocational qualification.
What trainees know and the skills they have mastered, she stated, is no longer the most important quality of their trade.
The true test is the ability to engage with what they do not know and to work out solutions.
“What we give them in the various trades should actually set the stage for them to be able to interrogate what they do not know and still come up with relevant and appropriate solutions.”
The strengthening of such skills will allow trainees to not only become practitioners of technical and vocational education but also become inventors, innovators and modernisers.
Graduates from technical and vocational education, she highlighted, need to also demonstrate the drive, enterprise and resourcefulness to venture into the world of business.
“They need to be skilled and conditioned in such a manner that upon graduation, they demonstrate the individual drive and the initiative to become job creators and not job seekers.”
Currently, the RVTC has seven fields of study, namely auto electric; auto mechanic, bricklaying and plastering; electrical general; joinery and cabinet making; office administration; plumbing; and pipe fitting.
The new trades of welding, metal fabrication and boiler making were added to the list as of the 2016 academic year and it is expected that the two trades will help increase the intake capacity at the centre.