Businesspeople volunteer to clean Ondangwa

16 Mar 2016 08:50am
ONDANGWA, 16 MAR (NAMPA) - Business owners in Ondangwa are supporting Mayor Paavo Amwele’s cleaning campaign that is funded by his monthly allowance for the next two months.
The cleaning operation commenced on Tuesday with Amwele, who is also a businessperson at Ondangwa, volunteering his trucks to be used in the cleaning process. He is supported by five businesses - Spy Investment, Tate Longa, Mad Dog, Niimboto and J &M Kalambi.
“We commenced the cleaning operation today and it continues until Wednesday. However, we expect more business people in our town to come on board,” Amwele told the media on Tuesday.
Besides providing trucks and machinery, business people have also availed some of their workers to help in the operation of such machines.
“The aim is to keep our town clean in order to attract investors. As you know, no investor will be interested in investing in a town that is dirty. It is also to encourage all residents to keep the town clean at all times,” Amwele explained.
The monthly allowances pledged by Amwele for the cleaning campaign will be used to pay the youth, who are going to be identified to clean a part of the town.
Addressing a media conference at Ondangwa last week, the town's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ismael Namgongo said one of the major priorities of his town council for this year is to ensure the town is clean.
“It is our belief that for our town to attract more investors and contribute to the national economic development, we need to invest more in the cleaning of our town,” he said.
The town's cleaning operations, Namgongo said, is to be done with the involvement and engagement of all stakeholders.
“We have started with consultations in order to reach a win-win situation for everyone involved,” he said.
Both Amwele and Namgongo are new leaders at Ondangwa.