Kafula calls for proper utilisation of raw materials

14 Mar 2016 13:20pm
WINDHOEK, 14 MAR (NAMPA) – Swapo Party Member of Parliament (MP) Agnes Kafula says there is a need to train Namibians to fill the national need for consumables, which is possible as there are raw materials available in the country.
Kafula said this while supporting the N.dollars 66 billion Appropriation Bill in the National Assembly on Thursday.
She noted the current trend of importing products that Namibians can produce, can easily be reversed, as the raw materials are available locally.
“We can turn Namibia into an exporting, rather than an importing, nation,” she said.
Kafula explained the country's manufacturing base and product development field are vast, open and untouched.
According to the Namibia Statistic Agency, Namibia’s overall import value rose by six per cent as domestic demand for foreign goods in 2015 increased to N.dollars 97,6 billion from N.dollars 92,1 billion in 2014.
The agency has reported that the country's overall exports declined by N.dollars 6,3 billion or 9.8 per cent to N.dollars 58,4 billion in 2015 compared to the N.dollars 64,7 billion registered in 2014, due to a contraction in foreign demand for domestic goods mainly by Angola, the United States of America, Canada and Germany.
Kafula noted training, innovation, job creation and small and medium enterprise (SME) development go hand-in-hand, and go along with entrepreneurship development.
“We need to pay serious attention to these four power house platforms and backbones of socio-economic progress and sustainable prosperity. These are the driving forces of our nation’s macro and micro-economics,” she stressed.
The MP went on to say unemployed and underemployed Namibians, especially the youth present “an unprecedented workforce” needed in entrepreneurship, innovation and manufacturing.
Kafula also said Namibia should not be seen as being able to produce for the local market only and its production capacity and quality must be enhanced for export purposes.
“Just north of Namibia is Angola, a huge demanding market which South African manufacturers big and small take advantage of and gain valuable revenue for their country and great profit lines for themselves,” she said.