NTA makes inroads on vocational training

March 9, 2016, 10:53am






Online Writer

Namibians is making significant inroads towards establishing a national Vocational Education and Training regime that is accessible, efficient and relevant,  Acting Chief Executive of the Namibian Training Authority (NTA), Jerry Beukas.

He was speaking at the opening of the 2016 Training Forum in the capital.


“This engagement platform is undeniably of utmost importance for the Namibia Training Authority. It forms part of our ongoing endeavour to gainfully engage our wide array of stakeholders as per our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, which attaches substantial importance to engagement as a communication process under which to source and secure the active and sustained participation of our stakeholders,” he said.


He added that Stakeholder Engagement Strategy requires that the NTA makes this engagement platform with local technical and vocational training institutions.


“It goes without saying that this meeting should not be deemed a platform for the NTA alone – but, more importantly - public and private training providers themselves should participate meaningfully and constructively towards our collective objective of improving and refining our national Vocational Education and Training system and institutional delivery arrangements,” he said.