Another farmworker allegedly attacked by boss in Karasburg

10 Sep 2013 04:50
KEETMANSHOOP, 10 SEP (NAMPA) – Another Karasburg farmer might be charged with assault after he allegedly beat up a man whom he accused of breaking into his farmhouse and stealing alcohol.
The farmer, whose name is being withheld until charges are laid, allegedly beat the victim with clenched fists, breaking his jaws last Sunday.
The incident follows a case last month when another Karasburg farmer, Jan Adriaanse, 26, allegedly ran over Benjamin Jossop, 21, with his vehicle after suspecting him of stealing his sheep.
Jossop sustained injuries to his legs and spine.
Confirming the latest incident, the Commander of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the //Karas Region, Commissioner Armas Shivute said the farmer laid a charge of housebreaking against the suspect.
The farmer claimed that the suspect took alcohol from his house, but nothing else.
Shivute said police officers were sent to the Keetmanshoop State Hospital - where the assault victim is confined - to get his statement of the events.
“We are collecting all statements. Thereafter, we can decide to officially charge both of them, if that should be the case,” the commissioner explained.
A Karasburg resident told this agency on condition of anonymity that assaults on farmworkers by their employers is rife in that area.
The source said most of the time, employers apparently use monetary compensation to discourage victims from approaching the police.
“It is not a good thing at all. The police must also use their right to charge the attackers, because victims are scared to lay charges,” said the source.