Zambezi couple sentenced for raping minor cousin

07 Mar 2016 16:50pm
KATIMA MULILO, 07 MAR (NAMPA) – A couple in Zambezi Region has been sentenced to jail for raping a minor in 2007. Katima Mulilo Regional Court Friday sentenced Mbumbo Mkelenge Maanda and his wife Joreen Samalopa to 20 years imprisonment each, for raping an 11-year-old Grade 6 learner at Sampingo Village in Sachona area.
Magistrate Willem Kasitome sentenced the couple to 10 years each on the two counts of rape. Maanda and Samalopa were aged 26 and 36-years-old when they committed the crime in May 2007.
The name of the victim, who testified on camera, is being withheld for ethical reasons.
According to the victim’s testimony before court, Samalopa on an unknown date in May called the girl into her courtyard during the evening, where she proceeded to tell the minor that she and her husband would teach her how to sexually satisfy a man.
Samalopa is the victims’ cousin.
The series of these ‘lessons’ started with Samalopa unrolling a mat for the victim to lay on, after which the couple would undress the minor and fondle her private parts.
During the process, according to the victim, Samalopa would leave the area to keep guard at her courtyard’s entrance door, so that nobody enters to catch them red-handed.
On another day, the victim said she was tricked into the couple’s house, where she was again subjected to the same sexual violation, but this time, Maanda groped the girl with force and penetrated her with his fingers while his wife was watching.
On another night, Samalopa followed the victim to a traditional drum-beating gathering at a nearby village, where she called the girl out of the crowd and told her that an aunt was looking for her back home.
Upon their way to the girl’s homestead, Maanda appeared and told them to divert to the couple’s courtyard.
While there, the victim claims that Samalopa confessed to lying that an aunt was looking for her. The couple then pulled out the mat and ordered the girl to lie down. The victim said she was then unknowingly induced into a deep sleep and raped by Maanda.
“They (couple) told me they want to prove that I am now older and mature. They instructed me to lie down on the sack. The husband got on top of me and made sex to me. He did not take time on top of me. After he finished making sex to me, he told his wife to go and check the people,” reads part of the victim’s testimony.
The rape was reported to the police after the victim confessed to an aunt, who had questioned why she was not walking properly.
The couple was represented by State-funded lawyers, Hope Ngara and Leon Kabanjani.