CORRECTION: Councillors urged to guard against corruption

06 Mar 2016 20:40pm
CORRECTION: Story replaces ‘his’ with ‘her’ in intro

KATIMA MULILO, 06 MAR (NAMPA) – Katima Mulilo Mayor Georgina Mwiya has called on her fellow local authority councillors to shun corruption.
On Friday, during the first council meeting of the year, Mwiya called on councillors to guard against kickbacks and nepotism, as the Katima Mulilo Town Council is a public institution.
She said council decision-makers and implementers, including the Tender Board, should deliver by ensuring that previously disadvantaged people benefit by getting tenders, instead of giving it to the same companies in order to get kickbacks.
“This council is a public institution which belongs to the general public. It should be high performance organisation that produces desired goods and services of high quality despite the limited resources,” the mayor said.
Mwiya added that the recruitment process at the council should be transparent and reasonable, and that only people meeting the requirements must be considered.
She further called for land to be allocated fairly and through correct procedures, saying all residents should be made aware and attend council meetings where such issues are deliberated on.
With regards to budget hearing meetings, she said the council needs public input and considerations, as this will enable it to achieve and implement its set targets and goals.
Mwiya’s calls against corrupt activities follow claims that councillors are benefiting from tenders and land deals at the expense of the general public.
In 2014, the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Swapo Party, which is the majority seat-holder at the council, investigated and unearthed corrupt activities at the council, but it is yet to make the final findings of the investigation public.