Student's genitals allegedly cut by unknown men

06 Mar 2016 19:40pm
OPUWO, 06 MAR (NAMPA) – A young man was on Friday admitted to the Opuwo State Hospital after a part of his genitals was cut off, allegedly by unknown men in a suspected witchcraft ritual.
Details on the incident remain sketchy, but information availed to Nampa by the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) has it that the victim was in the company of three other men shortly before he passed out and discovered that part of his penis had been severed.
NamPol Regional Crime Investigation Coordinator for Kunene, Deputy Commissioner Rudolph Kanyetu confirmed the incident to Nampa on Saturday.
He identified the victim as Gerevasius Taveuli Ngube, a student at the International University of Management (IUM).
Gerevasius was earlier reported as missing on Facebook by his brother, Lazarus Ngube - a pastor at Odibo parish in Ohangwena Region.
The victim and the three men apparently met at a local retailer in Opuwo on Friday morning, after they had travelled together in one of the suspect's car from Windhoek the previous day.
After requesting N.dollars 2 000 from the victim for fuel, the trio allegedly gave the victim a small bag which he did not open.
The victim told the police the bag had something soft in it.
He apparently agreed to meet his travelling companions at the Opuwo airfield later the same day, according to the police.
Upon meeting the victim, the three men allegedly took out a black plastic bag in which they had a snake and a tortoise.
“We are in business and we want the snake and tortoise to suck your penis,” the men allegedly told the victim.
Ngube however told the police the snake and tortoise “would not suck his private parts because he is Christian”.
He said he then became dizzy and by the time he recovered, a part of his genitals was cut off.
“It is unfortunate that the victim does not remember anything about the taxi which makes it difficult for us to trace this car,” Kanyetu said.
He also said the act does not appear to be a crime, but more of a witchcraft ritual, as the only criminal part would be the cutting of part of the victim's private parts.
He appealed to anyone who has observed a Windhoek taxi with three men in it within the Opuwo area to contact the nearest police station.