Namibians must become more determined in business: Mutjavikua

05 Mar 2016 12:00pm
KARIBIB, 05 MAR (NAMPA) - Unemployment can only be eradicated if Namibians become more determined to conduct business, Erongo Regional Governor Cleophas Mutjavikua says.
He was speaking at the official opening of the Karibib Travel and Tourism Fair on Friday.
The third edition of the fair is set to take place from 26 to 28 March 2016.
Mutjavikua said it is high time Namibians become innovative and “open their eyes” so they can identify business opportunities, adding that employment must be created as it does not start to exist of its own accord.
Mutjavikua said “most Namibians who are unemployed refuse to leave their comfort zones” and instead wait around or ask Government to give them jobs.
“Be like the Zimbabweans, they are determined! Wherever you find them they have goods to sell. They come here and start doing business. Now we even refer to them as ‘I am selling’, but our people are just sitting,” the governor said.
He noted that in Karibib, someone interested in starting their own business can start selling mahangu porridge or smoked goat and sheep heads as well as traditional bread to tourists and locals as currently, it is not being done.
He went on to say Government is not “sitting with its hands folded” as it offers financial support in the form of loans to those who wish to start businesses.
“But this does not mean Government alone can solve unemployment,” Mutjavikua said.
He encouraged people to approach the SME Bank and other institutions to apply for start-up capital.
Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises Engel Nawatiseb, the patron of the Karibib fair, officially opened the event.
“The event should not be used as a get-together, but as a platform for local people and visitors to network, exchange ideas and identify business opportunities,” he said.
He indicated that it is also a platform for the community, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to market their products.
Also speaking at the event was Karibib Mayor Petrus Nabot, who asked local businesses to support the fair.
“There will be security in town for our visitors during the show. The police force will also make sure exhibitors and their products are very safe,” Nabot said.
Activities include exhibitions, a music concert, beauty pageant and fundraising gala dinner.