Swapo has finalised registration of 'struggle kids': Mbumba

04 Mar 2016 16:00pm
WINDHOEK, 04 MAR (NAMPA) - The Swapo Party has finalised the registration and documentation of the 'children of the liberation struggle' with the aim to provide them with jobs when the opportunities arise.
Early in January, Swapo Party officials dealing with the children of the liberation struggle camping outside Windhoek verified their documentation in order to establish whether all of the 426 struggle kids at the camp were indeed born in exile and whether any of their documentation needs to be rectified by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration.
In an interview with Nampa on Thursday, Swapo Party Secretary-General Nangolo Mbumba said the documentation process has been completed and urged those camping at various places around the country to return to their respective regions.
“Government will provide them with jobs provided there are job opportunities at the various ministries. But until then, they have to wait in their regions.”
Simion Shikwambi, a representative of the 'struggle kids' confirmed to this news agency that he and three other 'struggle kids' had a meeting with Mbumba last week, who asked them to return to their respective regions while waiting for job opportunities.
Shikwambi said the Swapo Party secretary made it clear that the government will only provide jobs to those who are waiting in their regions and not to those camping elsewhere.
“We went to brief our colleagues on the outcome but they did not take the message lightly. They wanted to beat us as we were trying to communicate the message to them. Anyway, for now, I cannot decide alone, I have to decide with my colleagues,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mbumba has withdrawn the voluntary involvement of Nicodemus Namweya Kamati from the mediation activities between the struggle kids and Swapo Party as from Monday this week.
Kamati is a former People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) commander who decided to intervene in the saga in December 2015, after the struggle kids set up illegal camps at the Swapo headquarters, demanding job opportunities from government and state-owned institutions.
“When the struggle kids came to Windhoek, they came under their own leadership and Mr Kamati only volunteered to assist, and I have now withdrawn his involvement in the mediation process as these kids have to return to their respective regions,” Mbumba noted.
Over 400 members of the struggle kids set up illegal squatter camps at the Swapo Party headquarters in Katutura in October 2015.
The ruling party in December 2015 moved them about 10 kilometres north of the capital close to the Ndilimani Cultural Troupe farm where a violent clash with a local farmer and alleged attack on a minibus driver occurred.