Essential services needed for flood victims in Zambezi

02 Mar 2016 19:30pm
KATIMA MULILO, 02 MAR (NAMPA) – After a considerable amount of rain received in the Zambezi Region recently, Kabbe South Constituency councillor John Likando has called for the provision of essential services to communities living in flood-prone areas to be accelerated.
On Wednesday during an interview with Nampa, Likando said his constituency office has called on the Zambezi Regional Council and the Office of the Prime Minister to ensure that vital services reach the people living in villages such as Munzii and Nankuntwe. The two villages are home to a combined school and primary school.
According to Likando, water levels at the villages have risen and it is now near impossible for vehicles to navigate the waterlogged routes. He said emergency food rations, water, sanitation facilities and hygiene support must be put in place immediately.
“The major routes to those villages are now underwater. I am not saying levels of flood water are dangerously high, but it makes it difficult for vehicles to reach the villages. People are now surrounded by water and these people need food and other necessities,” he said.
Likando also told this news agency the flood alert is still in place for communities in Kabbe South so they are ready for evacuation to higher grounds when the need arises.
“We are monitoring the water levels in the Zambezi tributaries. There is one particular stream that is under our radar. If its water levels rise it can lead to a disastrous flood in parts of the region,” he stated.
Villages at Masiliki, Ivilivinzi, Imukusi, Lisikili and Nfoma, including Schuckmannsburg, Mpukano and Namiyundu are also affected by floods, but are relatively safe for now.
“We will be visiting the flood-affected communities next week by helicopter or boat. We need to take record of the number affected and they need to be moved immediately, as the current rainfall we are receiving is also contributing to the water rising,” the councillor stated.
Likando could not provide the current readings of the water levels, but according to the Namibia Meteorological Service, Katima Mulilo stations recorded between 0.4 millimetres to 27.4 millimetres of rainfall between 27 February and 01 March.
Two weeks ago, the Zambezi River level stood at 1.73 metres, compared to 1.88m recorded in February 2015.