Onguatjindu clan divided over Kambazembi suspension

02 Mar 2016 18:10pm
OTJIWARONGO, 02 MAR (NAMPA) - Some members of the Kambazembi Royal Family on Wednesday distanced themselves from the alleged suspension of their traditional leader, Chief Sam Kambazembi.
This group of people claim to be the topmost members of the Onguatjindu Clan. They are Kambazembi Royal Family member Jafta Urika, Elifas Tjaondjo, Kambatu Katjaimo, Hitindi Tjerije, Kaurika Kangombe and Tjizamejuva Katjingisiua.
They issued a letter signed by Urika, saying: “We the elders of the Onguatjindu Clan hereby distances ourselves from the public pronouncement made in a letter on Monday, which was purportedly circulated by members of the Kambazembi Royal House”.
On Monday, a section of the same royal family issued a letter which outlined the suspension and withdrawal of powers they had vested in their traditional leader.
The suspension letter, which was seen by Nampa, contained 10 names, identity numbers and signatures.
They referred to themselves as the elders of the Onguatjindu Clan that makes up the Kambazembi Royal Family, and also appoints chiefs in that clan.
In the letter, they accused Kambazembi of unbecoming behaviour and disrespect towards them.
They also resolved to withdraw the powers of the traditional councillors who were apparently recently appointed by Chief Kambazembi.
Their letter authorised six senior traditional councillors of the Kambazembi Royal Traditional Authority in the communal settlements of Okakarara, Okondjatu, Okamatapati, Otjituuo, Gam and Ovitoto to manage all affairs related to the traditional authority.
The suspension was confirmed by the Chairperson of the Kambazembi Traditional Authority Council, Vetondouua Maharero.
However, Urika and the five others in their letter informed the public that there has never been a decision to suspend Chief Sam Kambazembi.
The Wednesday letter further stated that the office of the Kambazembi Traditional Authority and its affairs all still reside under Chief Sam Kambazembi as the uncontested supreme chief of the Kambazembi Royal Traditional Authority.
In January this year, some senior councillors of the Kambazembi Royal Traditional Authority passed a vote of no confidence in Kambazembi.
The senior councillors complained that the traditional authority has “not known peace” since Kambazembi came into power in October 2014.
They accused the chief of mismanagement and abuse of power, misuse of traditional authority funds, and consuming alcohol in public and at community meetings.
The traditional councillors said Chief Kambazembi appointed eight traditional councillors without consulting them, which is against customary law.
They then demanded his immediate removal from the post.
This vote of no confidence letter was handed to Otjozondjupa Regional Governor Otto Ipinge on 19 January 2016 at his office in Otjiwarongo.
Chief Sam Kambazembi succeeded his late brother Uaakutjo Kambazembi in 2014.
The Kambazembi Royal House or traditional authority is recognised by the Namibian Government.