Venaani's victory a warning sign to aging leaders in the country

09 Sep 2013 07:10
WINDHOEK, 09 SEP (NAMPA) – President of the People´s Democratic Movement (PDM) party, Joseph Kauandenge says the election of the youthful McHenry Venaani as the new DTA president should be seen as a warning sign to aging leaders in the country.
Venaani was on Saturday elected as the new president of the party, defeating Katuutire Kaura who held the position for 15 years.
In a statement availed to Nampa here on Monday, Kauandenge said the 36-year-old Venaani’s election should not be seen in isolation as purely a “DTA thing” which has no bearing whatsoever on the politics of Namibia´s political parties.
“It should be viewed for what it truly is - a challenge to all aging leaders in this country that before it is too late and before they are forced to retire and are defeated by people who can easily be considered their own kids, they should read the signs of the time and retire,” he said.
The PDM leader said his party has been on record as proponents of youth empowerment over the years, adding that the biggest reason why PDM was started was that youth in various political parties are not being recognised.
He said the youth must be used and utilised to bring real tangible changes to the lives of many Namibians.
“The youth cannot any longer stand at the sidelines and be told it is not yet your time. That time is long gone.
If the right to govern and lead is not given as it should be, we will challenge the status quo and win or lose as active combatants in a fight to the death,” Kauandenge noted.
He indicated that Venaani´s victory is not his alone, but is a victory for all young and progressive people in the country.
Venaani, according to him, dared to dream that one day he will become president of a party, and “through thick and thin” he achieved just that.
“The onus now remains with the old guards that sooner than later they must vacate their positions and leave room to the youngsters to lead instead,” said Kauandenge.
On another note, Kauandenge announced that the PDM, National Democratic Party (NDP) and two other parties, to be revealed soon, will in a little while merge as opposition parties to jointly contest next year’s national election as one party.