SPYL throws weight behind NEEF

March 2, 2016, 8:51am





By Lela Staff

The Swapo Youth League has thrown their weight behind propositions made by Government through NEEF.

NEEF is proposed framework to empower the previously disadvantage to play a meaningful role in the mainstream economy.

“We completely agree with the proposals in NEEEF to require businesses above a certain size to devote at least 1% of after-tax profits to community investment, and for the government to reward businesses for establishing operations in depressed communities. The key here is to get the size threshold to an appropriate level to benefit from the community investment without crippling the company or diluting its cash flow and discouraging continued capital investments to grow the business, thus creating more employment opportunities,” SPYL said in a statement released by Tomas Iindji the youth league’s secretary for economic affairs.


The Youth league also added that, “Even though we opted to agree on certain things as indicated into the policy framework, the SWAPO Party Youth League appeal to the Office of The Prime Minister to give enough time to the Nation for proper and extensively consultations to be taken place countrywide and give the beneficiaries enough time to zoom and provide with their inputs because we feel that this is what we have been fight for and eventually is our bread and butter. We need tick all the boxes before the Bill been implemented. We thank the government for the good initiative so far but broader consultations with relevant stakeholders are very crucial in this regards. So let's all support our Government's decision in this case.”