Don’t give men sex in exchange for adoption – ZNWL

March 2, 2016, 8:34am

Sory and picture Zambian Post

 ZAMBIA National Women’s Lobby has urged women aspiring for political office not to give in to sex in exchange for adoptions.

In an interview, ZNWL Central Province board member Rabecca Museteka said women have to unite and say no to sexual demands from those on the adoption panels ahead of the August 11 elections.

“We pray for a change in the mindset of our men on the numerous adoption panels to adopt [female] candidates ahead of the 2016 general elections. Zambia needs to move forward from the selfish egos of individuals to the adoption of credible candidates to contribute positively to the economic development of the nation,” Museteka said.

“These people, our men, look so decent when you look at them in those expensive suits of theirs but it’s a shame, I don’t need to labour to explain their immorality when they hear of a woman wanting to contest a particular position. We pray for decency in the manner our women would be adopted to ensure that they proudly serve the nation as healthy citizens without any regrets once elected.”

She urged all female candidates across the nation to report any of their leaders who would coerce them into sexual activities in a bid to secure adoption.

Museteka said her office was aware of such unZambian practices by some political leaders who wanted to take advantage of female candidates and warned that anyone who would be reported would have themselves to blame for failing to control their sexual desires.

“Surely, it’s food for thought to all political parties; I think it is more difficult for women to get adoption because of the sexual demands, than for those women to actually win an election once adopted… the women whom we are championing for to contest are not sexual objects and we want them to be considered as candidates on merit and not on any other reason because I know that most of the women we have interacted with have the capacity to deliver,” said Museteka. 

“Please women, report any cases of sexual abuse in the adoption process and surely the law will take its course because we desire you to provide an alternative leadership to the nation and not to be assistants to the madam of irresponsible political leaders who will demand sexual favours for you to be adopted.”