Zambezi welcomes three ‘leaplings’

29 Feb 2016 13:00pm
KATIMA MULILO, 29 FEB (NAMPA) – The Katima Mulilo State Hospital in Zambezi Region on Monday welcomed three leap-year babies.
Two baby girls were born at 00:07 and 05:23, while a pregnant woman was rushed into the delivery room at 09:00 to give birth.
These babies, according to a nurse on duty who spoke to Nampa at the Katima Mulilo State Hospital, are commonly called ‘leaplings’ because they are born on 29 February, a date that comes once every four years.
Babies born on Monday will have to wait untill 2020 to see their next birthday on the calendar. The last leap year was in February 2012.
Speaking to Nampa, a surprised Judith Sinvula said she did not know her daughter's date of birth is unique.
Sinvula said when she was admitted into the labour ward over the weekend, she only thought of delivering her baby and was looking forward to being discharged from hospital and returning home with baby Chaze Maswahu.
“I did not know how significant and special this day is until you told me. I feel happy and blessed to have given birth to my baby on such a unique day. I, however, do not know on which date I will then celebrate my daughter’s birthday next year, whether its 28 February or 1 March.”
A total of eight babies – 7 girls and 1 boy - were born on 28 February, just hours before the unique day of February 29.