Mothers should talk to their daughters: De Klerk

09 Sep 2013 04:00
WINDHOEK, 09 SEP (NAMPA) – The Executive Director of Women’s Action for Development (WAD), Veronica de Klerk says mothers should put their inhibitions aside and talk to their daughters about sex as this could ultimately save their lives.
Speaking at the mother-daughter day at St George’s Diocesan College in the capital on Saturday, she said many young women –especially a lot of who come from outside Windhoek to study at tertiary institutions - fall pregnant ‘out of sheer ignorance’ because they never obtained first-hand information from their mothers on sexual issues.
The WAD Executive Director noted that every young woman should be fully- informed about these matters, and be alerted against entering into relationships which could endanger her life at some stage.
“It is very important for mothers to prepare their daughters about the social evils that have become so much of a real threat to all women, young and old,” she stated.
She further indicated that with no cure for HIV/AIDS in sight, modern mothers have no option but to address the issue of teenage sex, and the real danger of contracting HIV/AIDS head-on in a sensitive, but factual manner.
“The life of your daughter is more important than your inhibitions to talk to her about casual sex or one-night stands, which can lead to her contracting HIV/AIDS and other venereal diseases,” said De Klerk.
She added that besides a young woman’s physical wellbeing and her proper upbringing, these are important responsibilities which rest on the shoulders of mothers in particular.
The mother-daughter day was organised by the St George's Diocesan College, and was open to learners from the school and their mothers, as well as the teachers.
It was the first time that the school hosted an event of this nature, and it is hoping to hold similar events in future with the aim of bringing mothers and daughters together to strengthen their relationships.
Through such events, they also get to spend some quality time together.
Speaking to Nampa during the event, the headgirl at St George’s Diocesan College, Elzanne Schulte said the mother-daughter day was a very important day in the history of the school, and a great opportunity for mothers and daughters to bond.
“Mothers are the best people in the world because they always know how to comfort a daughter and a family when they are sad. She takes care of us, and we need to maintain that relationship we have built between us,” she stressed.