Swakop witchcraft banknote to be destroyed: Katoma

25 Feb 2016 17:30pm
SWAKOPMUND, 25 FEB (NAMPA) - The Bank of Namibia (BoN) will destroy the N.dollars 100 note found early this month at a suspected witchcraft ritual site outside Swakopmund.
BoN Director: Strategic Communications and Financial Sector Development, Ndangi Katoma said this on Wednesday when approached for comment about the fate of the banknote that appears to have been smeared with a red oily paste.
He told Nampa that in terms of Section 21 of the BoN Act 15 of 1997, which deals with the withdrawal of notes and coins from circulation, the bank has the right to withdraw notes that are not fit for circulation.
Asked whether the withdrawal was prompted by speculation that the note was used in a witchcraft ritual, Katoma said all banknotes are assessed in terms of the bank’s quality standards.
Any note that has been mutilated or tampered with cannot be put back into circulation, and the said notes will be destroyed accordingly.
The banknote was discovered by the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) at Nonidas, situated some 10 kilometres east of Swakopmund, on 08 February, together with a carefully folded cloth in Swapo Party colours bearing the image of President Hage Geingob.
Also found at the scene was a washing basin with water containing what appeared to be crushed herbs, a woman’s black head wrap and a uniform usually worn by cleaners and cooks.
It also appears as if a person was washed with the water from the basin.
Three sets of footprints were found, while vehicle tracks were also visible.
Also responding to enquiries by Nampa, Erongo NamPol Police Commander, Commissioner Andreas Nelumbu said such a note will be returned to the bank if no one claims ownership of over the next five to six months.
The police have no reason to keep it, he noted.
“We require proof if anyone comes to claim the items, otherwise it will be destroyed and the money taken to the bank,” Nelumbu said.