Community trust fund workshop starts in Zambezi

25 Feb 2016 06:50am
KATIMA MULILO, 25 FEB (NAMPA) - A three-day training workshop on the management of community trust funds for traditional authorities is underway at Katima Mulilo.
The workshop was officially opened on Wednesday by Deputy Urban and Rural Development Minister, Silvia Makgone, who said the training is to equip the Board of Trustees on the administration and appropriation of trust fund money.
The Board of Trustees is made up of members from the Mafwe and Masubia Traditional Authorities, who are appointed to oversee the fund money and manage and control it for the benefit of community members.
“After this training you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required in the management of funds. Proper management of community funds will enhance transparency and will inspire community members and donors to contribute towards the fund,” said Makgone.
She added that the establishment of trust funds by traditional authorities and its proper management assist Government in its effort to combat poverty and leads towards the realisation of Vision 2030.
Makgone reiterated that her ministry will continue making contributions to the management of the community trust funds. She said the ministry has budgeted for N.dollars 50 000 to be deposited into the trust fund account.
“Our decisions should always be in favour of the community we serve. Our country is challenged with the increase of orphans and vulnerable children, who are destitute and are seeking help. The idea of trust funds responds to those destitute,” she said.
The deputy minister closed of her speech by calling on the Board of Trustees to create community-based mechanisms that will help support and sustain programmes or projects for the community trust fund.
“This training is the first step towards building our capacities to effectively participate in identifying and responding to community issues and problems in our traditional communities. So, it is your duty to provide prudent management mechanisms,” Makgone said.
The training workshop ends on Friday.