Govt farms not for prominent people: Mutjavikua

08 Sep 2013 02:40
OKOMBAHE, 08 SEP (NAMPA) – Erongo Regional Governor Cleophas Mutjavikua has lashed out at traditional authorities (TAs) in the Erongo Region for not following directives to resettle people on Government-acquired farms.
Speaking during the handing over of equipment in the Daures Constituency here on Thursday, Mutjavikua said the TAs in the area are not using the farms as intended.
Seven small businesses in the constituency received equipment from the Constituency Development Fund (CDC) of the Erongo Regional Council to boost economic growth.
The governor indicated that although Government remains focused on supporting various development programmes, obstacles which derail development have been detected.
“These derailment obstacles are of our own making. The Government provided the farms, however, there are efforts to derail this within the TAs.
The message was clear to all traditional chiefs that it is on our agenda to alleviate poverty by resettling people in the respective areas,” Mutjavikua stated.
The governor added that farms in Okombahe, Omatjete and Uis were requested for people battling poverty and struggling to make ends meet.
“When farms are given to the different communities, it is given to alleviate poverty and not for someone of prominence to compete with the poor people.
We did not resettle people of prominence on these farms, as it was not the reason the farms were made available,” he said.
He wanted to know how poverty can be tackled if there is someone of good standing on such farms. Instead, he said, such people can go to Agribank and acquire loans to get farms.
Mutjavikua further expressed concern that the lack of boreholes on these farms are a result of 'too many excuses'.
The governor stated that money was made available for boreholes to be drilled, but farmers are not serious.
“Be serious about the drilling of the boreholes. Only four boreholes were drilled amongst the 16 allocated.
This is not because we do not have the resources, but we have too many excuses, and it is very pathetic,” Mutjavikua exclaimed.
However, farmers in the Omatjete area told Nampa that people who are qualified and have the resources to drill boreholes were not awarded tenders to do the job.
The farmers also claim that the drilling process is taking too long because of the inexperience of those doing the work.
Approached for comment on this matter, Mutjavikua said his council is busy addressing the problem of the boreholes.
He also indicated that farmers with the necessary equipment and experience should come forth, and a reference will be put in at the Tender Board for them to get the job.