CORRECTION: Elephants causing problems in Daures Constituency

07 Sep 2013 12:20
OKOMBAHE, 07 SEP (NAMPA) – Daures Constituency Councillor Ernst Katjiku has expressed concern over elephants causing havoc in the Ozondati area of the Erongo Region.
The area, situated about 100 kilometres west of Omaruru, is continuously invaded by elephants.
Katjiku indicated here on Thursday that the presence of the elephants has community members “up in arms”, as they can no longer tolerate the humongous beasts in their settlement.
He said what makes matters worse is the elephants drink water meant for the community.
“The residents of the area cannot take care of their animals in the field, as the presence of the elephants is creating fear amongst the people,” Katjiku said.
He added that community members reported on Wednesday that a group of about 30 elephants are reportedly causing havoc in the area.
“We have consulted the relevant authorities to see what can be collectively done to address the elephant situation so that the community can live without fear,” noted the councillor.
Erongo Region Governor Cleophas Mutjavikua commented on the matter, stating that the Erongo Regional Council is going to do everything possible to make sure that a solution is found.
In April last year, some 70 elephants roamed the area, damaging farm infrastructure as well as scaring people.
It is expected that the animals are entering the constituency from the Kunene Region, especially from the Khorixas area, where they roam freely as there are no fences.