Sterilisation Of Cats And Dogs Underway In Outjo

23 May 2013 06:38

OUTJO, 18 MAY (NAMPA) ? The sterilisation exercise of over 100 dogs and cats commenced in the old Outjo Municipality building at Etoshapoort here on Saturday morning.
Lindie Prinsloo, the founder of ?Have a Heart for Animals?, an organisation taking care of domestic animals here, told Nampa here on Saturday that about 109 dogs and cats have been registered for sterilisation from Saturday to Monday.
About 40 dogs and cats would be sterilised per day.
Prinsloo expressed happiness with the turnout of residents with their dogs and cats, adding that another sterilisation exercise is scheduled for September this year, again in Outjo.
?I, therefore, call on our community members to continue working with us as well as the business community to support us with financial means, because the whole exercise is expensive in purchasing vaccine drugs and other chemicals,? she said.
The actual sterilisation on the animals is being performed by a South African veterinarian, Dr Desmond Stafford who has been doing it for 26 years.
Stafford explained to this news agency on Saturday that he is removing the testicles of male dogs and cats, and the ovaries and uteruses of female dogs and cats.
Outjo State Veterinarian, Dr Vimanuka Mutjavikua said it is important to sterilise dogs and cats, so they don?t have any more offspring.
?There are a lot of dogs and cats already in Outjo and we don?t want to kill them because that would be cruel. Therefore, the only way to control their population is by sterilising them,? he said.
Mutjavikua said dogs and cats are roaming all over Outjo, which could be more unpleasant in case there is an outbreak of rabies - a disease which turns dogs aggressive, forcing them to bite people and other innocent dogs.
Before the operation, the animals are first vaccinated with a five-in-one vaccine, which protects them against rabies, canine distemper, adenovirus type 2 disease, parainfluenza and parvovirus diseases.
Some of them were just dipped into chemicals to remove ticks from their bodies.
The animals were sedated before the actual sterilisation operation.
The exercise was preceded by an awareness campaign around schools in Outjo in April this year to sensitise community members on the importance of having their dogs and cats sterilised.