Otji-Farmers’ Market Day launched in Otjiwarongo

07 Sep 2013 03:50
OTJIWARONGO, 07 SEP (NAMPA) - The first-ever 'Otji-Farmers’ Market Day' took place here on Friday.
The market day will now become a monthly event, and is aimed at creating a common market platform for farmers and local craftsmen in the Otjozondjupa Region to sell their wares including vegetables, dried and fresh meat, hand-made crafts, wood and charcoal.
Otjiwarongo Mayor Hilda Jesaja officially launched the farmers’ market day in the Otjiwarongo central business district.
“As a council we will see to it that we create a vibrant and stable market environment that will nurture and grow this marketing activity day of our farmers in the region,” she said.
Jesaja explained that the market day was initiated by local producers who farm in the vicinity of Otjiwarongo in order for them to have a one-day marketing platform in town where they can display and sell their products to the general public.
On Friday, local farmers were seen exhibiting products such as chilli bites; fresh meat; vegetables such as cabbage, baby spinach and carrots; wood; concentrated fruit juice; hand-made crafts and bottled jams produced in the Otjozondjupa Region.
Everything was packaged well, and happy customers were seen snapping up the products.
Some exhibitors told Nampa they were overwhelmed by the response from members of the public, adding that some customers even placed more orders.
Christine Rossouw who sold ‘Tokreen’ crafts, said she felt motivated by the people who visited her stand. Tokreen is a glue, hardener and paint all-in-one product used to create home décor accessories.
“I feel motivated, people like my crafts,” she said with a smile.
Justine Timotheus from the Orupemberora Farm said her spinach and carrots sold well, and almost every customer who visited her stand bought something.
“We are situated far from town - 50 kilometres east of Otjiwarongo - and this day has given us the opportunity to exchange contacts with new customers who live in Otjiwarongo. They are now our direct customers,” a proud Timotheus said.
Otjiwarongo Agribank is the main sponsor of the Otji-Farmers’ Market Day, and donated N.dollars 10 000 towards Friday’s activities.