Cattle die from starvation in Uuvudhiya Constituency

19 Feb 2016 08:10am
OSHAKATI, 19 FEB (NAMPA) – The regional councillor for the Uuvudhiya Constituency has called on the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) to pump water from the flooded western part of Omusati Region towards the Oshana Region.
Speaking to Nampa on Tuesday, Amutenya Ndahafa said the Oshana Region faces severe drought as it received little or no rainfall.
Ndahafa believes the water crisis in Uuvudhiya would be mitigated if the MAWF pump water from the flooded areas of the Omusati Region’s Onesi and Ruacana constituencies to Engombe, Ponona and Inakulu yOmadhiya areas in the Oshana Region.
“Animals are now vacating the common Uuvudhiya grazing area and they are seen on a daily basis moving towards Iikologo area in the west of the constituency, where people have received some rain,” the councillor explained.
Carcasses of cattle are scattered all over the Uuvudhiya grazing land as a result of a combination of starvation and water scarcity.
Ndahafa said he lost 150 cattle to drought as from December last year.
Another farmer and a pensioner in the Uuvudhiya, Sensikus Shinyemba, told this news agency on Wednesday that he lost about 20 cattle to starvation, while one of his brothers lost 30 cattle.
He is now moving his cattle from Uuvudhiya to Olupumbu laNambudhi near Ogongo in the Omusati Region where the rain condition is reported to be better.
Uuvudhiya farmers spend large amounts of money in buying and transporting fodder and water for their livestock from Oshakati, some 50 km away.