Lion killed on the outskirts of Opuwo

14 Feb 2016 16:50pm
OPUWO, 14 FEB (NAMPA) – Villagers killed a lion on the outskirts of Opuwo in the Kunene Region on Friday.
The lion was found in the Omuramba village in the area of Otjindjerese.
Johannes Murumbua, the man who shot the lion, told Nampa on Sunday the lion had been roaming in the area for more than a week.
He said the lion chased his cattle three times, and he decided to hunt it down after both the police and nature conservation officials were informed earlier last week but did not respond.
Murumbua and other villagers started hunting the lion after it killed and ate a Brahman bull, and leaving another cow wounded.
When they found the lion had killed one of their hunting dogs, Murumbua shot it.
Efforts to get more information on where the lion is from proved futile as officials from the line ministry claimed that they have no authority to speak to the media.
A police officer, who is also not authorised to speak to the media, told this reporter that the police were informed of the lion on Tuesday.