Pressure to deliver efficient services felt in Erongo

14 Feb 2016 07:50am
SWAKOPMUND, 14 FEB (NAMPA) - Civil servants are under pressure to deliver efficient services and achieve development, because the new government led by President Hage Geingob expects tangible results.
“The pressure is coming from above; if I am being pressurised by the high office, I need to push someone too,” said the Governor of the Erongo Region, Cleophas Mutjavikua here on Friday.
He was speaking during the first annual regional leadership consultative session in Swakopmund to engage Erongo regional leaders on how to best deliver services and develop the region.
Participants at the one-day meeting included local authority and regional councillors, business people, captains of industry, regional education leaders, as well as members of the Erongo community.
Mutjavikua said civil servants must appreciate members of the community, as they are there to help them.
Referring to politicians, the governor said they must “pull up their socks” and work for the community, instead of demanding respect from the electorate while they do nothing for them in return.
“People come to your office to ask for services and not for your daughter’s hand in marriage, so help them instantly. Let us stop sending people from one office to another for no valid reasons.”
Politicians were also urged to work in unison for a common goal of development and service delivery, even if they have personal vendettas.
He lashed out at the Namibian Traffic Information System (Natis) Centre in Swakopmund, saying the service there is poor.
Mutjavikua called on the Natis management to do something about the long queues of people who go there for learner driver tests and driving tests.
“Namibian people do not want that poor service there. It is not appreciated at all.”
The governor further said unemployment is a serious challenge in the region and country and must therefore be addressed.
He advised local authorities to go out of their way to attract investors who will create employment for the people.
“Jobs will not fall from heaven like Manna, we have to create jobs.” Manna is a Biblical reference to receive unexpected help or assistance.
The politician noted that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can play a major role in improving financial security and employment.
However, it is one thing to own a house and land, and another to pay for the services rendered, he said, adding that a conducive environment for SMEs to flourish is needed and to ensure that ratepayers are able to pay for services used.
“It should not only end up as a conducive environment, but we must go beyond that environment to achieve the collective responsibility of poverty eradication.”