Omusati regional governor wants common grazing land preserved

11 Feb 2016 20:10pm
OUTAPI, 11 FEB (NAMPA) – Traditional leaders must ensure that there is land available for livestock to graze and should not sell all land for development.
Omusati regional governor, Erginus Endjala said this in a meeting with traditional leaders from all over the region here on Wednesday.
He said community members will not be able to own livestock if no common grazing land for their animals is reserved.
The Omusati governor said poverty eradication cannot be achieved if members of the communities are robbed of the opportunity for animal farming.
He said members of the community have complained about greedy traditional leaders selling out common grazing land to rich people for personal usage.
Endjala also underscored the rapidly growing erection of private structures along the roads and between the water canals as a disturbing trend.
The governor then called on traditional leaders who make themselves guilty of allocating land for the erection of structures, to stop such practices or otherwise the law must take its course.
He used the same platform to ask villagers to refrain from sitting at cucashops drinking tombo (homebrew) the whole day, and to rather concentrate on ploughing and cultivating their crop fields.