Omusati governor demands fair land distribution

11 Feb 2016 11:20am
OUTAPI, 11 FEB (NAMMPA) – Omusati Regional Governor, Erginus Endjala has called on traditional leaders to allocate land to residents of his region fairly, transparently and without discrimination.
Endjala made the call during a meeting with traditional leaders from all over the Omusati Region at Outapi here Wednesday.
The governor convened the meeting following community complaints that some village headmen and headwomen are selective in their allocation of residential and farming land.
According to Endjala, complaints have it that certain headmen or headwomen allocate land to some elites, who attach a large sum of money to their applications for land.
He reminded traditional leaders that communal land is not for sale.
“We must all take note that the ownership of the land remains with central government, therefore traditional authorities operate under the supervision of the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development in conjunction with the Ministry of Land Reform for proper administration of the land,” Endjala told his audience.
He went on to say some people become victims of repossession of their properties by the Traditional Authorities, while others are denied access to land due to their socioeconomic status of poverty in their communities.
Endjala said the most disturbing incidences are when widows are robbed of their late husband’s property, including their fields by the relatives of the husband.
The governor noted discriminatory allocation and distribution of land causes disharmony, as well as a disturbance to peace in the communities.
Some of the meeting’s participants indicated they want government support in their operations, including remuneration for the community services they render.