Four men sentenced for illegal hunting at Mukwe

09 Feb 2016 17:20pm
MUKWE, 09 FEB (NAMPA) - Four men were sentenced three months in prison or N.dollars 500 each in the Mukwe District Court for illegal hunting on Tuesday.
The four, aged between 26 and 32, appeared before Magistrate Barry Mufana.
The quartet was caught wrongfully hunting game on 12 December 2014. They killed two bush pigs and two warthogs valued at N.dollars 700.
Prosecutor Gottlieb Nghinogelwa said the four did not have the relevant permit or written authority from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to hunt.
Before sentencing, the magistrate said the men committed a very serious crime - a crime that is often prevalent in the constituency of Mukwe especially, but also in the country at large.
“Illegal hunting negatively impacts our economy and the tourism industry could collapse, which is a sector that contributes to employment in the country,” he explained.