Young man becomes victim of suspected witchcraft practitioners

09 Feb 2016 06:50am
OSHAKATI, 09 FEB (NAMPA) – A 28-year-old man from Oikango village in the Oshana Region’s Ongwediva Constituency claims that he is a victim of witchcraft, and now finds it difficult to lead a normal life.
Frans Silas told police officers at Ongwediva last week that he was abducted and forced to go through suspected “omindaba” (witchcraft) rituals in the bush in the Ongwediva area.
In an interview with Nampa at the Oshakati Hospital on Monday, Silas, an employee of a community garden at Onamutai village of the Ongwediva Constituency, said he boarded a vehicle thinking it was a taxi but ended up being kidnapped, underwent witchcraft rituals and later released.
Allegations of omindaba being practised by a group of individuals are rife in the Oshana Region since the beginning of this year.
It is alleged that omindaba practitioners harvest human hair and no more human private parts for their rituals as was the trend in the past.
Although the allegations are yet to be substantiated, Silas told this news agency that he boarded the taxi last Tuesday evening in Oshakati.
“I found the driver alone in a silver Toyota Corolla sedan when I boarded it in front of the Oshakati Hospital entrance gate to take me to Ongwediva,” Silas explained.
He said the driver made his first stop at the Yetu Shopping Complex (some 200m from the hospital) where he loaded the first man; his second stop was near Oneshila location where he picked up two men and his third stop was near the Continental No. 1 where two other men boarded the same car.
“I though all these men were just passengers like me, but I was caught by surprise when, while we were travelling to Ongwediva, those seated with me on the backseat of the car started blindfolding me with a cloth,” Silas stated.
He attempted to resist the blindfolding, but the men overpowered him and eventually managed to take him to the site where they cut some hairs from the right side of his head and private parts.
Besides the shaving of head and private part hairs, the men also inflicted multiple slight cuts on Silas’ forearms and on his right lower leg.
“They also forced me to drink bitter fluid from a bottle they had,” he noted.
His kidnappers later pushed him out of the car near the Select Service Station in Ongwediva.
He reported the matter to NamPol at Ongwediva, and the police took him to the hospital for medical observation.
Silas indicated he is still in a weak state and his stomach remains ill-functioning as a result of the bitter fluid he was forced to drink.
Warrant Officer Thomas Aiyambo of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s Public Relations Unit in the Oshana Region confirmed Silas’ issue is being investigated by the police.