Water supply to Omatjete restored

08 Feb 2016 15:50pm
SWAKOPMUND, 08 FEB (NAMPA) - The water shortage which persisted since December 2015 at the Omatjete settlement has been solved, and the situation is expected to be back to normal this week.
Omatjete is located some 60 kilometres west of Omaruru in the Daures Constituency of the Erongo Region.
The settlement has been struggling with water shortage because two of the three electronically-powered boreholes supplying water to the settlement were broken.
Erongo Regional Council’s Development Planner, Deodat van Wyk told Nampa on Monday said the three boreholes were repaired to pump water to the reservoir distributing water to households and shops.
“The reservoir is full now and we opened it today so the water is running properly. It took us three days to fill up the reservoir as the boreholes only pump for one hour,” he said.
Van Wyk said the borehole pumps have to rest because the underground water level is low.
For the past three days, the regional council had been supplying water to residents with tankers while working on the boreholes.
“We added a fourth borehole to supply water for animals only as the water quality is not fit for human consumption. I am just waiting to submit the final report this week that the water crisis is dealt with,” he said.
Van Wyk is urging residents to use water sparingly because the underground water level is very low.