Trophies to be awarded to best Otjozondjupa schools

05 Sep 2013 09:10
OTJIWARONGO, 05 SEP (NAMPA) - The Otjozondjupa Region's seven best performing schools in the Grade 10 and 12 final examinations can now look forward to being awarded floating trophies for their hard work.
Otjozondjupa Governor Samuel Nuuyoma on Wednesday introduced the initiative, sponsored by his office, at an extra-ordinary meeting held at Otjiwarongo with the junior and senior secondary school principals, education inspectors and advisory teachers from the region.
The Otjozondjupa Region has 18 junior and senior secondary schools in total.
The governor encouraged the principals, inspectors and advisory teachers who were present at the meeting to work hard and produce good Grade 10 and 12 examination results this year in exchange for a trophy from his office.
The Otjozondjupa Region in 2012 dropped from eighth position on the national rankings to the 11th place in the Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC), or Grade 10, examination results.
The region was the overall best performer in the Grade 12, or Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) Higher Level examinations last year.
The Oshikoto Region was the best performer in the NSSC examinations last year.
Grade 10 and 12 learners this year start their final examinations on 26 September.
Nuuyoma said he wants to see the Otjozondjupa Region amongst the top three best performing regions when results are announced at the end of this year and early next year.
“I am here to support your efforts. I know you are doing a good job already by educating our learners to become great future leaders of this country,” he noted.
He then called on the region’s principals and teachers to see to it that from now on, cellphones are confiscated from learners before the examinations start.
Nuuyoma stressed that during his days as a learner, there were no cellphones to disturb learners, and therefore learners used to excel in their final examinations.
“We studied with determination to pass our grades. We had no cellphones to disturb us. The rule of the game here is you give me good results, I give you a trophy,” he stated.
Nuuyoma said his office purchased the seven floating trophies in order to encourage both Government and private schools in the region to perform well in the upcoming examinations.
The trophies all contain plaques saying ‘Governor’s Senior Secondary School (SSS) trophy for quality education in the Otjozondjupa Region’.
Meanwhile, GK Wahl Combined Shool principal, Peacock Mbakera asked the Governor to travel to the 18 junior and senior secondary schools in the region and inform the learners there about the trophies in order to encourage them study hard during the examinations.
Nuuyoma agreed to do so, and promised to meet with parents who do not support teachers’ efforts by persuading their children to study hard and pass.
The Otjozondjupa Regional Education Deputy Director, Albertina-Peneyambeko Nangolo promised the Governor that the region’s examination results will be an improvement on last year’s results.
“We appreciate your motivational speech. Rest assured that this is the foundation of hard work for good results in the region,” she said.
She noted that the entire Directorate of Education in the Otjozondjupa Region will organise itself and work out strategies which will enable it to take the top position in the country.
Attending the meeting was, amongst others, the Otjozondjupa Chief Regional Officer Jeaneth Kuhanga, and Otjozondjupa Regional Education Director, Faustina Caley.