Double murder suspect sentenced to 20 years in jail at Rundu

07 Feb 2016 12:00pm
RUNDU, 07 FEB (NAMPA) - A young man accused of hacking a mother and her six-year-old son to death at a village near Rundu was sentenced to 20 years in jail in the Rundu Regional Court on Friday.
Daniel Katombere appeared before Magistrate Bongani Ndlovu who presided over the case, while Albert Titus prosecuted.
Katombere was only 16 years old when he committed the gruesome murders.
Katombere, now age 18, pleaded guilty to the murders which took place on 22 July 2014.
Before sentencing, Magistrate Ndlovu told the court that life is protected by the Namibian Constitution and once taken away, it can not be replaced.
“I have a child here before me who was 16 when he committed the murders. A child who grew up without parental care and most importantly without motherly care,” he said.
Reading from the report of social workers who examined Katombere, Ndlovu informed the court that the accused grew up without a father figure and that his childhood was “not impressive”.
The report said Katombere learned about sexual behaviour at an early age, while at the age of 14 he started to move around at night with people who consumed alcohol and used drugs.
“One can only say that the accused person is an example of a tragedy of an unbalanced childhood. He is a broken child,” Ndlovu stressed.
The court also heard how Katombere was smart while in school and that he performed very well.
Regardless of Katombere's past unfortunate circumstances in committing such a serious crime, Ndlovu said it is only just that he be punished appropriately without unduly overemphasising his youth.
The 35-year-old woman and her son were murdered at Masivi village, situated some 10 kilometres south of Rundu in the Kavango West Region.
The two victims were found lying in a pool of blood in a room located behind a shebeen where the woman worked.
The deceased have been identified as Laurensia Musigeni, 35, and her son Thomas Samwere. It is suspected that a sharp object such as a traditional axe was used to murder the two, leaving their entrails exposed.
Katombere, who has been in custody for 19 months, was represented by Legal Aid lawyer Hope Ngara.